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Moving is the worst & getting old is the shits

A long time ago, when I was in high school, I don't even want to think how long ago that was, I had a teacher tell me that another teacher was a stand up guy because he had helped him move. He then preceded to tell us that non of us knew how terrible moving is. Man was he right. I have no idea who it was.
Dear god is it exhausting. I've moved before but that was in college and it was basically a room. My SO and I were in our former house for several years and lets face facts I acquired a ton of shit. We are now almost entirely out of our rental. I'd say about 90% done. There are a couple large items that we need to move and a few plants I would like to take with me.
While I am ready to be out of the house I am going to miss Claremont. It was a fun sleepy town to live in. An interesting combination of college kids and senior citizens. I love still getting carded. The downtown has a cool vibe and there were so many family owned restaurants. It was easy to park and very quiet. I am going to miss my personal trainer JoJo from the Claremont Club most of all. Hopefully with the use of social media I will be able to maintain the friendship.
Friendship, that is another one of those things I am having issues with. My SO's friends group text and they all went to high school together. I am jealous of it. Very few of my friends from high school contact me. Mary is currently pregnant with twins and living in Northern California. Sarina has a toddler and lives in Boston. Lindsay moved to Washington DC and is technically a friend from College. Momoko I assume is still in Portland and as always in high demand as a friend because she is so hardcore. While I connect with them online it isn't the same as having a local day to day friend to talk to. So I am on the hunt for a friend here in Hacienda Heights. I am going to try taking some classes and meet some people with similar interests.
One of the weird things about the move is how different the cities are. Claremont is a very old town. Hacienda Heights is part of Unincorporated Los Angeles county. Swimming is extremely expensive in Claremont and it is cheap here. Claremont has a million places to do Pilates, looks like I will be commuting to do Pilates.
Everyone needs to slow the fuck down while driving. I wish gas prices would go sky rocket high because too many bad drivers are out there & the air quality is terrible lately. Two weeks here and I was rear ended at the end of an already shitty day. The day before my birthday.
My purse is way to heavy. It set off the seat belt warning in my car. Now my shoulder hurts.
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Disney thoughts

When I was little I did not like Tinker Bell, I thought she was a brat. Now that I am an adult I totally get it. She gives Peter flight & what does he do? He goes and finds nightgown clad Wendy. Even Tiger Lily doesn't like Wendy. I should probably read Peter Pan.
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Well there are two additional females in the new Avengers film. One is Hawkeye's pregnant lady & the other is Elizabeth Olsen.
I am a lover of SHIELD & its cast of kick ass female characters.
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Irritated with Live Journal

I posted a live journal about my SO's former YMCA student being shot in the neck & dying. It was a shock to both of us & we have a Love/Hate relationship with Google. We can't help it, we are dorks who spend too much time on the internet.

My issue is that I forgot to change the settings to friends or private and instead used public. The public comment were constant adds. If this were a post about going to the race tracks, bachelorette part, random crap I think on Tuesday, food, fashion or other shit I would not care. However, this was a post about a human life. I am beyond irritated with the bot driven comments.
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(no subject)

Tonight he told me that he "thought" I was beautiful. Past tense. It always becomes Past tense once they fuck you. All of his verbs were past tense. They ALWAYS are, Which in this case means years ago & when I younger & more attractive http://

This past tense argument will haunt me.
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Google Gone Wrong

Learn about kid my SO tutored in college. SO gets kid into college, previously a D student before tutoring. Google search kid today. Turns out kid SO tutored was murdered freshman year of college. I'm the one to tell him. Worst feeling EVER, I should have just kicked a puppy. FU google. I know it is my own damn fault.

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Growing up

I still miss napster. I know it has been awhile but I still miss it. So much music, such awesomeness.

I am listening to VNV Nation a band that Ryan Scwab introduced me to & I thought am I "friends" with him on Facebook? I remember talking to him on AIM when the tv series Weeds came out but when was the last time I used AIM? Will I ever use AIM again? If not how will i contact him? AIM was so important when I was a young teen. How the Internet has changed & will continue to

Anyways I signed into Facebook. To learn that we are not "friends". Waiting to see if we will be...

meanwhile I learn that one of my closest friends' grandmother has passed away. It makes me feel wrong that this is how I am learning this information. Maybe I am just acting like a prude & need to accept the changes. Yet I can not see myself posting on Facebook that anyone has passed away. I just hate fucking Facebook.

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More Lists

My current favorite comedic television shows:

1.) Silicon Valley (In its first season)

2.) Community (Thank God Dan Harmon is back because season 3 was weak sauce)

3.) Broad City (I can't wait for the second season)

4.) Veep (Awkward at first but it grows on you)

5.) Wilfred (Both the Australia & American version are hilarious)

6.) Episodes (Great combination of American & British humor)

7.) Archer (Why did no one tell me about this show)

8.) Arrested Development (So many layers when you are from Orange County)

9.) Parks & Recreation (lot of funny ladies in this series)

10.) New Girl (losing steam but still funny)